Renamed Queensland Place Names

If you’re having trouble finding an old place or street in Queensland then this new web page by Kerry Raymond will be of interest.

Kerry provides the following introduction on her site:

The information provided here is on a “best efforts” basis. Please read the notes and sources and check the map link in order to satisfy yourself that this is the location you are looking for.

Please send me any updates/corrections to Even if you don’t know the full story of the name change, many researchers would welcome any clue to track down those elusive places.

Also send old placenames even if you don’t know the new place name. Please send as much information as you can about how you came upon the placename as that may contain vital clues. I can add them to the WWW page and someone out there may be able to provide the new name.

Find changed names for: Shires & Local Government; Electorates; Towns, suburbs & localities; Post offices; Railway stations; Schools; Streets; Churches; Buildings: Houses, Hotels, Properties etc; and Geographical Features: Mountains, Rivers etc.