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Convict Connections


Convict Connections aims to provide a specialist forum for members with a particular interest in convicts and our colonial heritage, to share and exchange information, achieve a wider knowledge of our colonial beginnings and foster a greater appreciation of those who suffered the horrors of transportation.


Membership is available free to all members of GSQ.


Convict Connections meet bi-monthly at the GSQ Resource Centre on the second Sunday of even numbered months. See the Events Calendar for further details.

The Resource Centre opens at 10.00am and closes at 2.30pm.

The Annual General Meeting of the Group is held in February each year.


Any person may subscribe to the Convict Connections Newsletter at an annual subscription of $15.00. There are three newsletters per year, which are also available for sale at the meetings for $5.00 each.

Applications for subscription can be made on the journal subscription form.

The group also publishes resources for sale.

Other Information

Convict Connections has its own website. See here for more information.

A 'Ticket of Proof' is available to members who wish to provide certified evidence of convict descent. Applications must be lodged on an official claim form accompanied by clearly legible photocopies of birth, marriage and death certificates or other archival proof so as to satisfy the Officer of Claims. See here for more information about the Ticket of Proof.


The Group is indexing four microfilms relating to the prison hulk Phoenix. Two files have been completed and CDs have been released for sale. The last two are expected to be available in early 2011.

Contact Details

Contact the group by writing to:

Convict Connections, Genealogical Society of Queensland, PO Box 1467, Carindale, Qld 4152, or by e-mail to