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Donations to the Library Fund are tax deductible and are used solely for the purchase of library resources.

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Benefits of Membership

The internet has become an important tool for family historians, with its ready access to masses of information to help build the family tree or tell the family story.

However, many people new to the hobby of genealogy have been led to believe that everything they need will be there on a web page, waiting to be found. But the internet, useful as it is, has its limitations. While it can point you to relevant information, you will still need to visit libraries and archives to view the original documents in order to verify your information.

If you use only the internet, you will miss out on perhaps the single most important tool a family historian can use: personal assistance. When  you join GSQ, you will gain access to the accumulated experience of many other researchers. Our experienced volunteers can point out the pitfalls, guide you to the records you need and put you in touch with others with similar interests.

On joining the Society, you will find an abundance of resources covering a wide variety of subjects, from local, national and international sources. In some cases, the resources will not be available anywhere else.

Members of GSQ enjoy the following benefits:


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