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Publications & Groups
Editorial Committee
Assist in a range of tasks associated with the production and distribution of our journal Generation
Interest Groups
Be involved in coordination, newsletter production and group assistance
Proof reading
Proofing documents eg indexing, eNews, Journal & web site material
Events & Activities
Education & Speakers
Conduct classes or seminars on various aspects of genealogy. Speak at public events, group meetings etc
Event Catering
Organisation/assisting with setup of catering
Outside Events
Attend various events & staff the GSQ "table"
Support roles
Library Acquisitions
Be involved in making decisions on the type of records to be purchased and maintain existing records
Assist the GSQ Treasurer with various duties
Assist the Membership Officer in processing memberships & maintaining the membership database
Assist GSQ Secretary with administration tasks
Publicise GSQ and its various events. Can you provide media contacts?
Social Media
Research & collection of articles of genealogical interest to be shared with the membership via social media
Information Technology/Computer related
Computer training
Experience conducting training in software packages eg Word, Excel, Publisher etc
Graphic Design
Design skills using professional software for publications, brochures, flyers and the web site
General IT
Able to apply updates to Windows software, rectify issues etc as part of a technical team
Web site development
Expertise with web related software including WordPress, PHP, HTML etc
Library Assistant
As part of a team, help members with their research in the library (training provided)
Meet & greet our members - VIP Greeter
Projects eg indexing, transcription
In the library, at home or elsewhere, indexing of records from fiche, film or hard copy
Be part of an experienced team conducting investigations for the research service
Property maintenance
Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber
Handyman, gardener
Other skills which may be of use to GSQ