The Genealogical Society of Queensland conducts a program of events including classes, seminars, workshops and education sessions each year to provide our members and visitors with a wide variety of information on family history topics.

Our Special Interest Groups also hold meetings. Members of GSQ are welcome to attend.

GSQ imposes a surcharge of 1.29% on credit card purchases paid using the Payway payment facility, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. GSQ offers a variety of alternative payment options. These include payment by direct debit, payment by cheque, and payment via the Eftpos machine at GSQ, for which there is no surcharge.


DNA Clinic 2023

25 Stackpole St, Wishart, Brisbane

The clinic help sessions are available to all GSQ members only and will be in your home with a one-on-one virtual meeting through Zoom. Held on the 5th Wednesday of the month. 2023 -  29 March;  31 May;  30 Aug;  Continue reading →