Our future

The Management Committees of both the Queensland Family History Society and the Genealogical Society of Queensland are in early, but active, discussions regarding possible amalgamation of the Societies, as equal partners, into one organisation, with its resource centre within 8 km of the centre of Brisbane.

Members are receiving information about the amalgamation discussions and investigations in the form of communiques, which are either emailed or posted to members.

More information is available in the communiques and discussion papers which are listed below.






Supporting documents

Areas of discussion
Special Interest Groups of each Society

Relevant legislation and government sites



Government web sites


Have your say

Your input is welcomed – please provide your feedback within a week to ensure its inclusion in the process.

You are invited to provide any questions or comments by emailing either GSQ at ourfuture@gsq.org.au or QFHS at ourfuture@qfhs.org.au.

If you prefer not to email, you can post your feedback to your Society at the usual postal address, marked “Our Future”.

Thank you for your interest.

Helen Veivers                       Chris Gibbs              

President, GSQ         President, QFHS