Yorkshire Disasters:




A Social and Family History:

What have Penistone, Hull, Thirsk and Bradford got in common? Along with many other places in Yorkshire, they were the scenes of major disasters. This book is a fascinating collection of events including railway accidents, lifeboat disasters, mining disasters, floods, boats sinking, chimneys collapsing and ferries being blown up. The stories explain how the disasters happened, how people reacted at the time and where the blame was seen to lie, though all too often the word ‘accident’ covered a multitude of sins. The disasters cover a range of types, places and dates showing that no one is ever really safe anywhere, any time!

First account in one volume of well-known and forgotten disaster affecting Yorkshire
Includes natural events as well as accidents
Wide coverage throughout the old county of Yorkshire
Wide timespan, from medieval times to the modern era
Of value to anyone interested in social, local and family history
Includes lists of victims, backgrounds and the story of events
Well illustrated
Experienced author and family historian

Author: Vivien Teasdale
ISBN: 9781845630584
Publisher: Wharncliffe Publishing

1 in Australia as of September 2022

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Dimensions 234 × 156 cm