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1.History As It Happened: 150 Years Of News And Pictures From Our Newspapers
Kepert, L V (Editor)
Call Number: AUS/105/010
2.Dictionary Of Western Australians 1829-1914 Vol.1 Early Settlers 1829-1850
Unknown Author
Call Number: WA/515/001.1
3.Dictionary Of Western Australians 1829-1914 Vol.2 Bond 1850-1868
Erickson, Rica
Call Number: WA/515/001.2
4.Dictionary Of Western Australians 1829-1914 Vol.3 Free 1850-1868
Unknown Author
Call Number: WA/515/001.3
5.Souvenir of the One Mile State School Centenary
Shatte, Phyllis
Call Number: QLD/210/570
6.Collin's Road Atlas Of Britain And Ireland 1981/1982
Unknown Author
Call Number: UK/915/005.2
7.Volunteers at Heart the Queensland Defence Forces 1860-1901
Johnson, DH
Call Number: QLD/150/002
8.Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook: Part 5
National Library of Australia; Library of New South Wales
Call Number: AUS/310/007.5
9.Sandgate Brisbane Suburban History
Oxley Library
Call Number: QLD/205/017
10.Genealogical Research Directory 1981
Johnson, Keith A & Sainty, Malcolm R (Edited)
Call Number: WW/315/001.1981
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