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A History Of Left Hand Branch At Mt SylviaWit, Ketura QLD/205/343Book
The Lockyer SagaDawson, Win (Editor)QLD/205/344Book
History Of The Catholic Church In AustralasiaMoran, Patrick FrancisAUS/220/003Book
Roll The Summers BackPorter, J A535/POR/001Book
Inscriptions In Stone: St David's Burial Ground 1804-1872Lord, Richard (Compiled)TAS/820/001Book
Dictionary Of Australian HistoryMurphy, Brian AUS/105/002Book
Christchurch City Council 1980 HandbookChristchurch City CouncilNZ/920/001Book
Northern Territory's Palmerston Cemetery And Some Of Its OccupantsO'Brian, VernNT/820/001Book
McCarthy and Mahnken HistoryWenzel, Elaine525/MCC/001Book
The McCasker Era 1777-1980Waldron, Lyn525/MCC/002Book
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