Did you know that if you used the search term family history on YouTube, you would receive about 154000 hits and for genealogy it is about 184000.  Now some of those hits may be duplicates but regardless, it does indicate that YouTube has much to offer the family historian.

If you are just starting on your family history journey, there are literally hundreds of videos on this topic.  If you are further along in your investigations, you might want to search for videos that are about the historical era in which your ancestors lived so that you can understand more about their lives.

Looking for ideas for gifts?  Then search for craft videos for family history/genealogy. Trying to identify some family photos you have?  Upload them to YouTube as a slide show in the anticipation that somewhere a distant relative might spot them and give you the clues you need.

GSQ is considering how it might utilise such a powerful tool so that its genealogy resources are more accessible to those who live some distance away from the Resource Centre.

Watch this space for future GSQ YouTube videos!

In the meantime, here are two YouTube videos which may be of interest.

1. Find My Past - Everything you need to know about Irish family history records

2. Ancestry - Genealogy goals for 2017