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Past Presidents

Jun 1978 - Ian Waters
Aug 1980 - Lyn Waldron
Apr 1981  - Merle Grinly
Aug 1982 - Margaret Belcher
Dec 1983 - David Larkin
Aug 1984 - Wayne Roberts
Sep 1985 - Merle Grinly
Sep 1987 - Gillian Arnot Smith
Sep 1990 - Margaret Verran
Sep 1992 - Gillian Arnot Smith
Sep 1995 - Margaret Gregory
Sep 1996 - Terry Ryan
Sep 1997 - Jennifer Chandler
Sep 1998 - Gillian Arnot Smith
Sep 1999 - Elaine Lucas
Oct 2005  - Barbara Robinson
Nov 2005 - Les McFadzen
Sep 2006 - Barbara Robinson
Sep 2007 - Paul Mann
Sep 2008 - Margaret Doherty

History of GSQ

The Genealogical Society of Queensland was formed in May 1978 as a State body based on a model for such societies used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The society consisted of a main body governed by a State Council and a series of local chapters

In May 1979, a small group of people broke away from the Genealogical Society of Qld and formed the Queensland Family History Society. GSQ then consisted of a main headquarters and library, managed by a Management Committee, but the chapters remained. By 1981, the chapters had become branches.

The Society became an incorporated association in 1986 and had its first constitution approved in 1987.

At one time GSQ had up to 22 branches or local social groups, many in the south east Queensland area, but some as far north as Townsville and west to Roma. However, with Queensland being such a decentralised state, it made sense for many of these branches to form societies of their own. GSQ still has five branches in the greater Brisbane area.

GSQ began without a home. The library was kept in the librarian's home and taken to meetings. The Society moved around to a spread of locations mainly in the inner southern suburbs of Brisbane, before moving in April 1981 to 329 Logan Road, Stones Corner.

In 1988, the Society moved to the old Woolloongabba post office, a heritage listed building, on the corner of Stanley and Hubert Street, where it remained for over 12 years. However, lack of space in 2001 resulted in another move, two doors up in Hubert Street, where space was not a problem.

However, with a massive rent increase due in 2006, GSQ moved in January of that year to its present location in Fisher Street, East Brisbane.