Council Library Talks 

Throughout the year, GSQ provides talks on a variety of topics for the Brisbane City Council. These are offered at libraries across the Council area. These presentations are free but you need to book at the library. The Council pays GSQ a fee for presentations so tell your friends about them as Council monitors the popularity of the presentations and decides how many will be offered. Talks are free but booking is essential. Please phone and book your place and check the council library website for further information.

Confirmed topics and locations:

1. Exploring occupations: how our ancestors earned their daily bread

Toowong, Saturday 7 May 2022, 10.30 am -12.30 pm
Phone: (07) 3402 2590

2. Exploring FamilySearch: the largest free family history website

Kenmore, Saturday 18 June 2022, 10.00 am - 12.00 pm
Phone: (07) 3407 0258

3. Family History in action

Sunnybank Hills, Wednesday 20 July 2022, 1.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Phone: (07) 3407 0571

4.Populate or Perish: 20th century migration to Australia

Everton Park, Saturday 13 August 2022, 10.00 am - 12 noon
Phone: (07) 3403 7400

5. Dating old photos & house to care for them

Inala, Saturday 10 September 2022, 10.30 am - 12.30 pm
Phone: (07) 3403 2205





How did they get here? Immigration in Australia from 1788
Migrating to a new country was one of the most dramatic life changes anyone undertook, and investigating the migration journey of your ancestors is a key part of family history research. This presentation by the Genealogical Society of Australia will help you find and understand Australian immigration records.

Brisbane Burns: how the great fires of 1864 shaped a city and its people
In 1864, two devastating fires - one in April and the other in December - swept through the fledgling town of Brisbane, with nearly 70 shops, offices and homes in Queen, George, Elizabeth and Albert streets destroyed. This fascinating talk brings to light the heart-wrenching (and at times uplifting) stories of those who were affected by the blazes, those who lost their homes and their livelihoods.

Dating old photos and caring for them
Do you have shoe boxes full of old photos but no idea who the people are in them? Find out what clues are in these images to help you identify them. Learn how to care for these family treasures - the correct storage, digitisation, handling, repair.

Beginner's guide to DNA for genealogy
There is a lot of advertising for DNA testing but did you know that it is for more than finding your ethnicity. With matching with others who share DNA with you, you can find more cousins who may be able to help with your family tree.

Irish immigration: Why they left Ireland and where they went
Find out why people left Ireland, particularly before the Famine. Where did they go, and why? Explore immigration records and find what they contain to help with your family history research. Presented by the Genealogical Society of Queensland.

Exploring Ancestry
Learn how to search the genealogical records and use family history tools available in, the world's largest online family history resource. Presented by the Genealogical Society of Queensland.

Exploring Find My Past worldwide
Find my Past provides access to millions of Australian, Irish and English historical records, and is a key tool for anyone researching their family history. The Genealogical Society of Queensland will guide you through the family, social, government and general history records available on Find my Past.

Choosing a family tree program
Are you ready to build your family tree but can't work out which program to use? View examples of various free and paid programs during this seminar presented by the Genealogical Society of Queensland.

Australian military records
Would you like to know more about your ancestors who fought in a conflict like the Boer War, World War One and World War Two? Come along to find out what records are available and where to find them.

Introduction to family history
Don’t know where to start? Come along to see what you need to do to get your family history on track.

Researching your family history in the UK
See what resources are available on the internet and hear about other records that are available as not all information is on the internet. Presented by the Genealogical Society of Queensland.

Finding Grandma
Researching your family's female line can be more difficult than tracking your male line. This seminar presented by the Genealogical Society of Queensland will share tips on how to discover information about the women in your family and discuss women’s roles in society in earlier generations.

Using newspapers for family history
Newspapers provide a wonderful, often untapped, resource for family historians, providing accounts of events not recorded elsewhere. Learn where to look, how to search and discover unknown gems about your family during this presentation by the Genealogical Society of Queensland.

Workhouses in the UK: What was life like & how did people end up there?
Did you discover your ancestors spent time in a workhouse? Times were hard for poorer people and some were forced to live in a workhouse. Learn what their life was like, what people were expected to do there and what opportunities, if any, were available to leave.