Interest Groups

GSQ has a number of Interest Groups which have been formed to assist members and exchange information in specialised areas. These groups meet bi-monthly on Sundays. See the Events Calendar for meeting dates.


Membership is open to all financial members of the Society. No extra fees are applied, though a gold coin donation from members attending meetings is appreciated. Donations are used to purchase more books or computer-based resources for the Society.

A Non Member may attend two meetings but then must join GSQ in order to continue to attend the Special Interest Groups.

These groups are as follows:

Colonial and Convict Connections Group

Colonial and Convict Connections aims to provide a specialist forum for members with a particular interest in convicts and our colonial heritage, to share and exchange information, achieve a wider knowledge of our colonial beginnings and foster a greater appreciation of those who suffered the horrors of transportation.

Colonial and Convict Connections meet bi-monthly at the GSQ Resource Centre on the second Sunday of even numbered months. See the Events Calendar for further details. The Resource Centre opens at 10.00am and closes at 2.30pm. The Annual General Meeting of the Group is held in February each year.

Any person may subscribe to the Colonial and Convict Connections Newsletter at an annual subscription of $15.00. There are three newsletters per year, which are also available for sale at the meetings for $5.00 each. Applications for subscription can be made on the journal subscription form. The group also publishes resources for sale.

Other Information
Colonial and Convict Connections has its own special web pages on this GSQ Site. Just click on the link above Colonial and Convict Connections.

A 'Ticket of Proof' is available to members who wish to provide certified evidence of convict descent. Applications must be lodged on an official claim form accompanied by clearly legible photocopies of birth, marriage and death certificates or other archival proof so as to satisfy the Officer of Claims. See here for more information about the Ticket of Proof.

The Group has indexed four microfilms relating to the prison hulk Phoenix and are available for sale on CD.

Contact Details
Contact the group by writing to: Colonial and Convict Connections, Genealogical Society of Queensland, PO Box 1467, Carindale, QLD 4152, or by email to

English/Irish Group

The aim of the Group is to assist members with their research into their English, Welsh or Irish ancestry through discussion, guest speakers and acquisition of resources.

Meetings are held on the first Sunday of even numbered months of the year, unless otherwise advertised. See the Events Calendar for further details. The Resource Centre opens at 10.00am and closes at 2.30pm. The meeting begins at 12.00 noon with a short discussion. Guest speakers are invited to the meetings from time to time. The meetings are informal as our members prefer to have general discussions in a friendly and open format. This gives us the opportunity to share knowledge and glean information from helpful hints provided by other members. Suggestions regarding workshops and guest speakers are always welcome! The Group has had a wide and interesting range of discussion topics over the past few years.

Contact Details
Contact the group by writing to: English/Irish Interest Group, Genealogical Society of Queensland, PO Box 1467 Carindale, QLD 4152 or Email:

German Interest Group

THE GERMAN GROUP welcomes its participation in the GERMAN-AUSTRALIAN GENEALOGY and HISTORY ALLIANCE (GAGHA) - Nov 2016 and aims to:

  • Share information internationally and interstate.
  • Offer support and assistance to research your German Ancestry.
  • Encourage and exchange information in an informal setting.
  • Provide guest speakers when possible to help guide us through the maze of information available to us.
  • Learn the history of Germany and immigration and why our ancestors chose to leave.
  • Get to know the German people and their cultures.



GSQ Membership is required, but non-members may attend two meetings to see what we have to offer. A gold coin contribution is welcome.  Members may contact the Secretary for advice and assistance, but remember to enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for all enquiries for those without email.

Since its inception in 1983, the German Research Group has added a collection of maps, guides, reference books and journals, plus family, local, church and school histories to the library. GSQ holds one of the most comprehensive ranges of German material in Queensland.

Meetings are held Bi-Monthy at GSQ Resource Centre, 25 Stackpole St. Wishart, Brisbane, on the last Sunday of odd numbered months. Any changes to meeting dates are advertised in the GSQ e-news and the Groups Newsletter “Die Zeitung” which is published to coincide with meetings and is available by mail, or email for an annual fee of $10.00 or at a meeting for a cost of $2.00 per copy. The Centre opens at 10.00 a.m. and closes at 2.15 pm. At the start of the meeting the current balance in our account and minutes from the previous meeting together with any relevant information is presented. Suggestions, or discussions follow in relation to the group, the rest of the meeting is taken up by endeavoring to help people with their research.   A gold coin donation would be welcome, this is used to purchase resources to benefit areas that members are researching and or is of interest to all present. New comers are always welcome.

Newsletter Publication

  • An annual fee of $10, which includes postage for those without email.
  • Subscription begins with the first issue after payment, irrespective of the date.
  • Renewal letters are sent to all subscribers.
  • Email newsletters: The newsletter the "Die Zeitung" is sent via email to those who have made their annual payment of $10.00
  • A copy can be purchased at the meetings for $2.00
  • Requests for research to be undertaken by the group will require a $30 fee.

Contact Details
Contact the group by emailing or write to: German Research Group, Genealogical Society of Queensland, PO Box 1467, Carindale, QLD 4152

scandinavian Scandinavian Interest Group

The Scandinavian Interest Groups aims to provide assistance to members researching their Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish or Icelandic ancestors.

Meetings are held on the third Sunday of the odd months of the year, unless otherwise advertised. See the Events Calendar for further details. The Resource Centre opens at 12.30pm and closes at 2.30pm. The meetings usually commence at 12.30pm and take the form of discussions or guest speakers about Scandinavian research, migration or customs.

Other Information
The group is believed to be the only Scandinavian Interest Group operating in Australia.

Contact Details
Correspondence to: PO Box 1467, Carindale, QLD 4152 Further information about the group can be obtained from the convenor,

Scottish Group

The purpose of the Scottish Interest Group is to provide assistance to those researching Scottish ancestors. This is done in three ways: providing resources to assist in research; providing opportunities to talk to other researchers; and organising seminars about subjects connected with Scottish genealogy, culture and history.

The collection of Scottish resources available at the Society is among the strongest in Queensland.

Meetings are generally held on the first Sunday of the odd months of the year, unless otherwise advertised. See the Events Calendar for further details The Resource Centre opens at 10am and closes at 2.30pm. The meeting usually commences at 11am and runs for about one hour, with the remaining time for members to conduct their own research.

The Interest Group publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Thistle Times which is available from the Treasurer, Scottish Interest Group at a cost of $12.00 per annum.

Other Information
The group is a member of the Scottish Association of Family History Societies.

Contact Details
Contact the group Convenor by Email:

Writing Group

The aim of the group is to provide a forum in which members can learn more about the writing, editing, and publishing processes. Each meeting will include discussions and presentations. Guest speakers will be invited from time to time. Members are invited to submit pieces of writing for comment and suggestions by other members. Stories will be published in forthcoming editions of the Society's journal Generation.



Meetings are generally held on the third Sunday of even months, unless otherwise advertised. See the Events Calendar for further details. The Resource Centre opens at 10am and closes at 2.30pm. The meeting usually commences at 10.30am and runs until 12.30pm. The remaining time can be used for personal research or discussions among members over lunch.

Contact Details
Further information is available from the Convenor, Pauline Williams on

DNA Group

The DNA Group was launched in May 2015.

Meetings are held every two months on 4th Sunday of Even months from 9.30am to 2.30pm

Meetings are being held via Zoom. Please email to obtain link to join.

Contact Details
Further information is available from the Convenor, Greg Carlill on

Family History Technology Group

The Family Tree Maker and Legacy Groups have been amalgamated into one Special Interest Group.
This is now known as "Family History Technology Special Interest Group".
The Family History Technology Group will meet on the 2nd Sunday of every odd month, at 10am - 12pm.
Meetings will be via Zoom.

The new group gives opportunities to look at many other technologies that may help to preserve and publish your family history data.
This group is only open to GSQ members, but non GSQ members may attend twice before they need to join GSQ.

These may include but not limited to:

  • File management and storage
  • E-publishing
  • Setting up a Family History website.


Should you have any questions or concerns please email  on

Look forward to seeing you there.

Chinese Research Group

GSQ has a new Special Interest Group for GSQ members and others* who are interested in researching their Chinese ancestors who have come to Australia or in exploring the life stories of Chinese people in Australia.

The first meeting will be on Sunday, 17 March between 10 am and midday. It will be by Zoom.
Please come along and share your research, including your research problem.
To attend, please email me at I will send you the Zoom link on Saturday, 16 March so you can attend the following day.

Throughout the centuries, many Chinese people have migrated to Australia to pursue various undertakings and to lead interesting lives in diverse places around Australia, from cities to regional areas.


  • To provide members with knowledge about family history research of Chinese families in Australia
  • To share findings, ideas and techniques on successfully researching Chinese ancestors and others


The Group meets via Zoom on the third Sunday of odd months at 10 am to midday. Members of the Group are encouraged to bring examples of problems they are having in tracing various Chinese people, as well as examples of successes they have had with their research.

Contact the group coordinator at

* Non-GSQ members can attend two interest group meetings without being a GSQ member.

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