Donation of family history material

Since its inception the Society has relied on the generosity and commitment of many Queenslanders, who have understood the need for the preservation of those resources that would help future generations remember, interpret and understand their Queensland history. So the Society welcomes donations of family history information resources, particularly those pertaining to the Queensland community.

Before donating family history resource material, the Society would appreciate you contacting the Library first. If you can, please describe the items you would like to donate. The more information you can provide, the easier it is for us to assess what you are offering. You should also consider if there are other family members whose wishes should be considered before proceeding with a donation. We strongly suggest you discuss the matter with them before offering material to the Library.

Once accepted, ownership is transferred from the donor to the Society. Once a donation is finalised, no item can be returned, and the Society is free to use donated items in whichever way it may choose.

Please read and complete the Donation Form online which should accompany any donated items.

Library wish list

Many of the GSQs resources have been obtained through donations. As a volunteer organisation, we could not provide the services we do without the generosity of members.

If there is any material or equipment you would like the library to purchase, or come and see us at the Library. The Society thanks you for your continued support.

You may read and complete the Library Wish List form, save the form and email it to

Thank you all for your generous donations towards the Library Fund Wish List.

Please note: All donations to the Library Fund over $2 are tax deductible.

Specific donations

Monetary donations or gifts to the Society are always welcome. Your donation will contribute to sustaining the Society for future generations of Queensland family history researchers.

Donations may be made online in our secure shop, by adding an amount to your membership application or renewal or by mail.