Education Program

Researching your family history task can be very rewarding but it can also be intensive and time-consuming and occasionally, brick walls are encountered.

Throughout the year, GSQ offers an unparalleled education program which aims to help you find some of the ways you can break down that brick wall or locate other sources to help in your search. These courses and hands on sessions are suitable for people who are just beginning their family history research, for those unsure about what to do next and for those who are ready to move into more detailed areas of research. We aim to provide something for everyone.

Wednesday night sessions can range from social history perspectives to a focus on the life of an individual; you can find out how to get started with your family history, discover the importance of evidence and learn how to use various computer programs to document your family's story. Perhaps, after having attended the Writing Interest Group, you may even submit your story to the Writing Competition.

There is something for everyone in the GSQ education programme so check out the Events Calendar and find an event (or two or three) to suit you.

Bookings and prepayment for all courses are essential. Cancellations will be accepted no more than 4 days prior to the course for a full refund. ALL events must be booked via the online booking form. Payments can be made at GSQ or online through the secure payment gateway or by direct bank transfer.

Contact GSQ on 07 3349 6072 for more information.

For the Saturday Sessions, if there’s a topic that you would like covered, contact our  , and we’ll see what we can do for you.