Recording your family history 

There are numerous ways you can go about documenting what you have found in your family history research. Some of your information may have come from elderly relatives whom you have recorded, you may find interesting (and perhaps even disturbing) newspaper reports, you may have visited graveyards and you most certainly will have accumulated numerous certificates/records of births and baptism, marriages and deaths. You will quickly discover that organising this information is a priority, otherwise you will quickly become swamped by paper and digital files and find that you travel over the same research path numerous times. 

Most researchers use pedigree charts, family group records and research logs to keep track of their genealogy. These records can be paper based, but it would be better, with today's technology, to have these stored in a digital format, making sure, of course, that you have a digital backup of your data.

The following link is to an Ancestry article with information for beginners on getting started with recording your family history.

Basic Record Keeping