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The Bootmaker of Berlin


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When the tentacles of war stretch across the globe, families divide, neighbours become enemies, friends
disappear. Who can you trust?
A deathbed promise thrusts Kathy Giuliano into a whirlpool of close guarded secrets with life changing
consequences. In Berlin, she uncovers shocking truths about her sister, her family, and herself.
‘The Bootmaker of Berlin’ is WWII fiction, set in Berlin, England, and Australia. The story was inspired by
research, undertaken by the author as a Fellow of the State Library of Queensland, and is based on true
historical events.

“A fascinating read. Well written and researched.” Maggie C. at Goodreads.

“The sheer scale of the novel is astounding … Whilst the human story of Horst and Alice is at the heart of the
novel, it doubles as a history lesson. It is clear that extensive research has gone into this book. Yet, for all the
wartime drama, it’s the actions and secrets of other family members that rock the lives of Kathy and Horst.
Both are left to make sense of, and make peace with, those revelations.” Diane C. at Goodreads.

Author: Debbie Terranova
ISBN: 9780994170033
Publication: 2023
Pages: 248

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