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KEY COLOUR code labels

Yellow              = convict

Orange             = Australian

Blue                  = Norfolk Island

Black border white centre = Pitcairn Island

Pink                  = Queensland / Moreton Bay

Green               = Tasmania / VDL

Red                  = Victoria / Port Phillip

Black                = West Australia

Cockatoo Is.     = Cockatoo Island

ENG                 = England

⏏                      = Ships

vvvvvvv              = Other / General


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1 Kennedy of Cape York Edgar Beale   Australia & Queensland
2 Killers of Eden Tom Mead   Australia & other i.e. whales
3 Old Convict Days William Derrincourt   Convict & England & Tasmania & Cockatoo Island 
4 Prison Boys of Port Arthur F.C. Cooper   Convict & Tasmania
5 Tales of Old Tasmania  (currently missing) Coultman Smith   Convict & Tasmania
6 Campbelltown Convicts P. Hinds   Convict & England & Australia & Norfolk Island 
7 Patchwork Prisoners T. Cowley & D.   Convict & Ship & Tasmania
8 Convict Lives – Launceston Female Factory Frost & Hodgson   Convict & Tasmania
9 Convict Lives –  Women at Cascades Female Factory Female Convicts Research Centre   Convict & Tasmania
10 Convict Lives – at the Ross Female Factory Ed. Lucy Frost   Convict & Tasmania
11 The Irresistible Temptation C. Baxter   England & Convict & Australia & Tasmania
12 The Way It Was T. Barker   Australia & Convict
13 Hermit in Van Diemen’s Land “Henry Savery
(Edited Cecil Hadgraft & Margaret Roe)”
  Convict & Australia
14 Unwilling Emigrants A. Hasluck    
15 The Commandants
The tyrants who ruled Norfolk Island
M.G. Britts   Convict & Norfolk Island
16 Norfolk Island South Pacific
Island history and many delights
Jean Edgecombe   Convict & Norfolk Island
17 Miscellaneous CONVICT information Folder no.1 N/A Lots of various convict info. There is an index and page numbers. Convicts
18 Forsaken Settlement P. Spillett An Illustrated History Of Victoria, Port Essington, Northern Australia 1838-1849  Australia & Darwin & Northern Territory
19 To Brave Every Danger J. Cook   Convict & Australia
20 Passionate Conviction D. Martinez   Convict & Australia
21 William IV A. Fraser   England
22 Cathedral on the Clarence J. Moorhead   Australia & New South Wales & Grafton
23 Footnote – People in Australian History A. Atkinson   Australia
24 A Pocketful of Lies M. Garland   Australia & South Australia
25 Mary Reibey N. Irvine   England & Convict & Australia
26 Dr. David Keith Ballow; Col Surgeon & martyr to Duty 1804 – 1850 P. Tynan   Convict & Australia & Queensland
27 Early Shipping in Moreton Bay Vol 1 1846 – 1859 Davenport & Mottram   Ship & Queensland
28 Flinders in Moreton Bay Royal Historical Soc. of Qld.    Queensland & Ship & The Norfolk
29 Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls – Convict Women in Van Diemen’s land Phillip Tardif   Convict & Tasmania
30 Margaret Catchpole – her life & her letters Laurie Chater Forth   Convict & Australia
31 Elizabeth 1828 – the worst & most turbulant. Susan Voytas    
32 TO HELL or to HOBART – a new insight into Irish Convict History Patrick Howard   Convict & Tasmania
33 Out of Darkness Raymond W. Clarke   Convict & Australia
34 A – Z OF CONVICTS IN VAN DIEMEN’S LAND Simon Barnard   Convict & Tasmania
35 Infanticide and the Murder of Bastard Children   England & Crimes against Women 
36 Guide to New South Wales State Archives – relating to Convicts and Convict Administration State Records NSW   Convict & Australia
37 PACK OF THIEVES? 52 Port Arthur Lives Hamish Maxwell-Stewart & Susan Hood   Convict & Tasmania
38 DISPATCHED DOWNUNDER – Tracing the Resting Places of the First Fleeters Ron Withington   Convict & Australia
39 A Light in the Window – Harper’s Mansion – Berrima, the place and its people Ann Beaumont   Convict & Australia
40 BURIED AT BOTANY – A Cemetery Comes Alive Cape Banks Family History Soc. Inc.   Australia
41 Miscellaneous CONVICT information Folder no. 2   Lots of various convict info. There is an index and page numbers. Convicts
42 Early Australia
With Shame Remembered
Bill Beatty   Convict & Australia
43 The Eureka Stockade Raffello Carboni   Convict & Australia
44 Great Escapes by Convicts in Colonial Australia Warick Hirst   Convict
45 The Tyranny of Distance Geoffrey Blainey   Australia & Convict
46 The Way it Was T.J.Barker     
47 The Ship Thieves
The amazing tale of the unfortunate James Porter
 – Australian convict , pirate and master mariner
Sian Rees   Convict & Tasmania
48 Bligh, Macarthur and the Rum Rebellion Ross Fitzgerald & Mark Hearn    
49 Visible Immigrants Eric Richards, Richard Reid
 & David Fitzpatrick
  Australia & England
50 The Fell Tyrant or the suffering convict William Ross
(edited Jennifer Harrison & J.G Steele)
51 The History of Van Diemen’s Land From the year 1824 to 1835 inclusive; Australian Historical Monographs Henry Melville
(Edited George Mackaness)
  Tasmania & Convict
52 Convicts & the Colonies  A study of the penal transportation from Great Britain and Ireland to Australia and other parts of the British Empire A.G.L.Shaw   Convict & Australia
53 Letters from an exile in Botany Bay; Australian Historical Monographs Edited George Mackaness   Convict & Australia
54 Recollections of life in Van Diemen’s Land; Australian Historical Monographs William Gates (one of the Canadian Patriots)(Edited George Mackaness)   Tasmania & Convict
55 Early Moreton Bay Welsby, Thomas   Ship & Queensland
56 How to Trace Your Military Ancestors  Montague, R. H.    
57 Dharug & Dungaree: The History of Penrih and St Marys to 1860 Murray, Robert & Kate White   Convict & Australia & Penrith & St Mary’s
58 Penrith: The Makings of a City Stacker, Lorraine   Australia & Penrith
59 Voices from Tocal: Convict Life on a Rural Estate Walsh, Brian   Convict & Australia
60 The Convict King: The Life and Adventures of Jorgen Jorgenson Hogan, James Francis   Convict & England & Tasmania
61 The Irish at Eureka Currey, C.H.    Australia & Other i.e. Ireland & Eureka
62 Margaret Peacock’s Isle of the Dead Peacock, Margaret   Convict & Tasmania
63 Isle of the Dead: Port Arthur. Inscriptions on headstones & historical background. 1830 – 1877 Lord, Richard   Convict & Australia & Tasmania
64 Bushrangers Bold Hatherley, Frank   Australia & Other i.e. Bushrangers
65 Year Book of Proceedings : The Royal Historical Society of Queensland Royal Historical Society of Queensland   Queensland & Australia & Convict
66 Historical Maps of Ireland Michael Swift   Ireland
67 Australia A Special Place Jocelyn Burt   Australia
68 The Pirates – True Accounts of the Lives, Exploits, and Executions of the World’s Most Infamous Buccaneers Charles Ellms   Ship & Other i.e.Pirates 
69 A Worker’s Paradise – A History of Working People in Australia, 1788-1901 Henry Pook   Australia & Convict
70 John Croaker Convict Embezzler John Booker & Russell Craig   Convict & England & Australia
71 Early Australians Series, A Soldier Charles Bateson   Australia & other i.e. Soldier
72 The Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh: A Penal Exile in Australia 1825-1844 Lloyd O’Neil   Convict & Australia
73 Peep O’Day Boys and Defenders – Selected Documens of the County Armagh Disturbances 1784-96 David W. Miller (ed)   Convict & Australia & Ireland
74 Unsung Heroes & Heroines of Australia Suzy Baldwin (ed)   Convict & Australia
75 A New History of Australia Frank Crowley (ed)   Australia
76 Historic Australia  Golden Australia Library   Australia
77 The Call of the Land – A History of Queensland to the Present Day W. Ross Johnston   Convict & Australia
78 Settlement – The Writers’ Landscape  Suzanne Falkiner   Australia
79 The Sirius Letters – The Complete Letters of Newton Fowell 1786-1796 Nance Irvine   Ship Sirius & Australia
80 A Chronicle of the Damned  [Newgate Prison London] Malcolm Cheney     
81 Diary of a Welsh Swagman 1869 – 1894 Abridged & Notated by William Ewans   Port Phillip & Victoria
82 Crime Punishment and Redemption – A convict’s Story June Slee   Convict & England & Australia & Norfolk Island & Tasmania 
83 From Cato Street to Botany Bay. Convict case Studies from Material in the Archives Office of NSW.  The Archives Authority of NSW Sydney   Convict & Australia
84 Land Grants. 1788 – 1809  R.J.Ryan   Australia & Norfolk Island & Tasmania
85 Bound for Australia David T Hawkings. Phillimore   Convict & Australia
86 The Convict Settlers of Australia L.L. Robson. Melb. Uni Press   Convict & Australia
86 Log of Logs.1788 to 1988 (Vol 1)(see column H & I) Ian Nicholson/ Roebuck Series No 41 Catalogue of Logs, Journals, Shipboard Diaries, Letters & all forms of voyage narratives. 1788 to 1988 for Australia & NZ & surrounding oceans. PLUS plastic sleeve containing – Various reports on shipping & pictures of ships to go with Vol 1 Log of Logs.   Ship & Convict & Australia & New Zealand
87 Log of Logs. 1788 to 1993 (Vol 2)(see column I) Ian Nicholson/ Roebuck Catalogue of Logs, Journals, Shipboard Diaries, Letters & all forms of voyage narratives. 1788 to 1993 for Australia & NZ & surrounding oceans.  Ship & Convict & Australia & New Zealand
88 Log of Logs. 1788 to 1998 (Vol 3)(see column I) Ian Nicholson/ Roebuck Catalogue of Logs, Journals, Shipboard Diaries, Letters & all forms of voyage narratives. 1788 to 1998 for Australia & NZ & surrounding oceans.  Ship & Convict & Australia & New Zealand
89 Rascals, Ruffians & Rebels of Early Australia Frank Clune   Convict & Australia
90 Convict Applications to bring out families to VDL (also NSW, VIC, & WA) Index 1827 – 1873 Coralie Mesecke/Pub:Tas. Family History Soc.Inc.   Ship & Convict & Australia
91 Islands of Incarcerations – Convict & Quarantine Islands of the Australian Coast  Edited by John. Pearn & Peggy Carter. There are 7 authors. Covers the following islands : Sarah Island in Macquarie Harbour,Norfolk, Melville,Stradbroke, Cockatoo, Rottnest, & Peel Convict & Australia
92 First Fleet Marines 1786 – 1792 J. Moore   Ship & Convict & Australia
93 Norfolk Island  An Outline of it’s History. 1774 – 1977 2nd Ed.   Convict & Norfolk Island
94 Colonial Era Cemetery of Norfolk Island R Nixon Dalkin. Sydney   Convict & Norfolk Island
95 Convicts & Commandants of Norfolk Island. 1788 – 1855 M Hazzard    Convict & Norfolk Island
96 Musters, Lists, of NSW & Norfolk Island 1800 – 1802     Convict & Norfolk Island & Australia
97 Musters of NSW & Norfolk Island 1805 – 1806     Convict & Norflok Island & Australia
98 General Muster List of NSW. 1823,1824,1825. Carol Baxter   Convict & Australia
99 The First Fleeters. A Comprehensive Listing of Convicts, Marines, Seamen, Officers, Wives, Children & Ships. Fidlon, Ryan & Cowell   Ship & Convict & Australia
100 The Crimes of the First Fleet Convicts.  John Coleby   Convict & Australia
101 The Second Fleet Convicts. A conprehensive listing of convicts who sailed on HMSGuardian, Lady Juliana, Neptune, Scarborough& Surprise.  R J Ryan. Aust. Documents Library. Sydney.    Ship & Convict & Australia
102 The Third Fleet Convicts.  R J Ryan. G Horwitz Books P/L. Cammeral. NSW   Convict & Australia
103 The Convict Ships. 1787 – 1868. Charles Bateson. Library of Aust. History.   Ship & Convict & Australia
104 Mount Elphinstone Convict ship arrived Moreton Bay, 1 No. 1849     Ship & Convict & Australia & Queensland
105 Pioneer Register of New England from First Settlement to Federation.  Armidale Family History Group Inc.   Australia & New England & Armidale
106 The Catholics of NSW 1788 – 1820 & Their Families J. H. Donohoe/ The Archilves Authority of NSW, Sydney   Convict & Australia
107 Profiles of Norfolk Islanders to Van Diemen’s Land. HMS Porpoise 1807 – 1808. Vol 2 Part 1 I Schaffer & T McKay   Ship & Convict & Norfolk Island & Tasmania
108 Profiles of Norfolk Islanders to Van Diemen’s Land. HMS Porpoise 1807 – 1808. Vol 2 Part 2 I Schaffer & T McKay   Ship & Convict & Norfolk Island & Tasmania
109 Norfolk Island Embarkations to Van Diemen’s Land. 1807 – 1813 I Schaffer & T McKay   Ship & Convict & Norfolk Island & Tasmania
110 Profiles of Norfolk Islanders to Van Diemen’s Land. “Lady Nelson” 1807. Vol 1 I Schaffer & T McKay   Ship & Convict & Norfolk Island & Tasmania
111 Convict Records of Van Diemen’s Land.  Maree Ring   Convict & Tasmania
112 Land Records of Tasmania John Morrison. Booklet. B19. Collins   Australia & Tasmania
113 Index to Early Land Grants VDL 1804 1823. Ed. Thelma Grant   Tasmania
114 Convict Lives at the ROSS FEMALE FACTORY  L Frost  Female Convicts Research Group (Tasmania) Convict & Tasmania
115 Isle of the Dead: Port Arthur. Inscriptions on headstones & historical background. 1830 – 1877 Richard Lord   Convict & Australia & Tasmania
116 Port Arthur 1830 – 1877 Ian Brand   Convict Australia & Tasmania
117 Convicts of Port Phillip District. (Victoria) Keith M Clarke.    Convict Australia & Port Phillip & Victoria
118 Convict Records of Western Australia Pub. By friends of Battye Library Inc.    Convict & Australia & Western Australia
119 Lady Juliana Convicts – who came to Van Diemen’s Land Irene Schaffer VDL Norfolk Island Interest Group Convict &Australia & Norfolk Island & Tasmania
120 Pitcairn Island at the edge of time S C Carlsson   Pitcairn Island
121 Botany Bay – The Story of the convicts transported from Ireland to Australia, 1791 – 1853 Con Costello   Convict & Ireland & Australia
122 Convicts on Trial Iris Paridaens NSW   Convict
123 The Transports are Here – Convicts and the Colony A – Z Jennifer Chandler & Barbara Daniels A succinct guide to colonial anecdotes, incidents and interesting information.  Convict & Australia
124 Sailing Home –  A Pictorial Record of the first Fleet Re-Enactment Voyage M Clarke & D Iggulden – Convict Connections Interest Group, Brisbane   Ship & Convict & Australia
125 Dear Cousin. The Reibey Letters.  Nance Irvine   Convict & Australia
126 Mary Reibey – Molly Incognita – Emancipist Extraordinaire – A Biography 1777 – 1855 Nance Irvine   Convict & Australia
127 The Colonial Experience – From First Fleet to Federation B V Wilson   Convict & Australia
128 Tracking Down the Bushrangers P. C. Smith   Australia & Bushrangers
129 Australian Coastal Passenger Ships R Parsons The details & a brief outline of the career of EVERY steam & motor ship that carried passengers on the Australian coast Ship & Australia
130 The Convict Days of PORT ARTHUR J W Beattie Beatties Studio – 19th century photographs Convict & Australia & Tasmania
131 Pack of Thieves – 52 Port Arthur Lives H Maxwell-Stewart & S Hood   Convict & Tasmania
132 Van Diemen’s Land – Early Marriages 1803  1830 Volume 1 Thelma McKay   Tasmania
133 Index to Births, Deaths & Marriages from Early Hobart Town Newspapers Volume 1 : 1816 – 1840 Anne M Bartlett Newspapers: The Hobart Town Gazette, The Colonial Times & The Hobart Town Courier Tasmania
134 Index to Births, Deaths & Marriages from Early Hobart Town Newspapers Volume 2 : 1841 – 1846 Anne M Bartlett Newspapers: The Hobart Town Gazette, The Colonial Times & The Hobart Town Courier Tasmania
135 Cemeteries of Southern Tasmania Vol vi Hobart’s early churchyards & other monuments. Part 1- Congregational Cemeteries Tas. Family History Soc. Inc Hobart   Tasmania
136 Cemeteries of Southern Tasmania Vol vi Hobart’s early churchyards & other monuments. Part 2- Presbyterian Cemeteries Tas. Family History Soc. Inc Hobart   Tasmania
137 Oral History Handbook B M Robertson Oral History Assoc.of australia  (Sth Aust. Branch) Inc. Other i.e. Oral History
138 Old Norfolk Town – The past in pictures K & K A Davies mostly pictorial – also includes Pitcairn Islanders.  Ship & Convict & Norfolk Island & Pitcairn Island
139 The Victorian Soldiers & Sailors Book Vivian Noakes question & answer book with pictures. Includes boats & ships. Ship & England
141 “The First Fleet” talk. Plus newspaper clippings: lists of all on board 1st, 2nd, 3rd fleets. Plus 1828 Moreton Bay convicts & 1824 – 1842 Commandants of Moreton Bay A.I.Myers Fellowship of First Fleeters. And “Daily Sun” Newspaper   Ship & Convicts & Australia & Qld
142 Conviction – The 1827 fight for rights at Parramatta female factory Gay Hendriksen Parramatta Female Factory history and 1827 riot. Includes index of names in 1827 & ships of arrival. Convict & Australia
143 Folder – Various Articles of the Colonial Era including Miscellaneous Lists Volume 1 N/A   Convict & England & Australia
144 Folder – Various Articles of the Colonial Era including Miscellaneous Lists Volume 2 N/A   Convict & Australia
145 “The Soldier’s Curse” Book 1 – The Monsarrat Series (currently missing) Meg and Tom Keneallly Historical Fiction. Set in convict times, Port Macquarie NSW 1825. murder mystery Convict & Australia. Port Macquarie NSW.
146 “The Unmourned” Book two – The Monsarrat Series (currently missing) Meg and Tom Keneallly Histoircal Fiction. Set in convict times, Parramatta Female Factory NSW 1825. murder mystery Convict & Australia. Parramatta Female Factory.
147 New Ways in an Ancient Land – Australia from penal colony to prosperous nation 1778 to 1900 V. Phillips, S. Drury, D Latta, R Gurnani Smith   Convict & Australia
148 Australia Comes of Age. Rebellion, independence, war and the worker.  Bay Books NSW.  Author info not provided   Australia
149 Convicts of Lincolnshire (book plus separate list of transported convicts) Lincolnshire County Council   England & Convict & Australia
150 The Australian Convict Recipe Book Southern Holdings Pty Ltd.    Convict & Australia
151 What we Ate – A Recipe Book containing some very old and some new recipes.  Taree Family History Inc.    Australia
152 Household ‘Hints Tips’ – A book containing some very old and some new household hints. Taree Family History Inc.     
153 Annabella Boswell’s Journal – An Account of Early Port Macquarie.   1830’s and 1840’s post transportation Australia, Port Macquarie, NSW
154 Lion and Kangaroo.  Australia: 1901-1919. the Rise of a Nation.  Gavin Souter History of Australia as a Commonwealth  Australia
155 Unshackled -Rrevenge & infidelity on the gold-mad streets of Colonial Sydney  Michael Beashel Fiction –  saga – describes the early birth of Sydney Australia, Sydney 1854
156 A Cargo of Women  Babette Smith Historical Ficton -the lives of female convicts- NSW Female Factory England & Convict & Australia
157 Convict Records in Australia Cora Num Records, type and where to locate them.  Australia & Convict
158 Shackled – Female Convicts at Moreton Bay 1826 – 1839 Jennifer Harrison    Australia, Queensland & Convict
159 The Life and Experiences of an Ex-Convict in Port Macquarie “Woomerar”   Australia & Convict
160 Scholarly Scoundrel : Laurence Hynes Halloran   Janet Robyn Worthington   Australia & Convict
161 The Forgotten Stockade Old Bathurst Road  Ollie Leckbandt Convict stockade in the Greater Lithgow district. Colonial road building under the penal system.  Australia & Convict & Millitary
162 The Lachlan Depot and Beyond : Oxley’s 1817 Expedition, Soldiers Flat, Bangaroo D. Balcomb,              R Johnson, Mae Vanerschaar   Australia
163 Mna Dibeartha (Banished Women) Ned Kelly Productions   Ireland & Australia & Convicts
164 The Parramatta Cemeteries ST. JOHN’S Judith Dunn   Australia & New South Wales
165 Punishment and Profit John Ritchie Looking at the Commission of Enquiryby John T Bigge, into the settlement of NSW & VDL between 1788 & 1838 England & Convict & Australia & Tasmania
166 ALIAS Blind Larry The mostly true memoir of JamesLaurence the Singing Convict John Wills Convict Story mostly true England & Convict & Australia & NSW & Norfolk Island
167 Sarah Phillips 1802 – 1864 Don Macreadie Family Reunion of Descendants. Convict & Tasmania
168 Book of the Bush George Dunderdale A collection of Aust  immigrant bush stories. Early colonial life of squatters, whalers, convicts, diggers, who left their native land & never returned.  Australia & Convict
169 The Hermit Convict Rev. William Draper Inequality in the English justice system. Life in Qld. Queensland & England & Convict
170 Quintus Servington Henry Savery Savery family story, John Savery, convict transported to VDL.  England & Convict & Tasmania ; New Norfolk
171 The Commonwealth of Thieves – the Sydney Experiment Tom Keneally Historical Novel -1787 Britain banished its unwanted citizens to Botany Bay. This book is about this 1st settlement and it’s effects & outcomes on all including the aboriginal people.  England & Convict & Australia
172 The Catalpa Rescue  Peter FitzSimons 1874 in New York America, a daring plan is made  to free 6 Irish political prisioners being held as political convicts in Freemantle Prison in Western Australia.    Australia & Convict & Irish Freedom Agitators
173 A Forger’s Progress – The Life of Francis Greenway Alasdair McGregor The incredible fall, rise & demise of Francis Greenway, Australia’s  first Gov. Architect; & his close relationship with Gov. Macquarie.  Australia & Convict
174 Macquarie Grantlee Kieza The most comprehensive biography yet, of Lachlan Macquarie. Australian colonial History.  Australia & Convict
175 HMS Sirius –  Norfolk Island 1790 Cathy Dunn 230th Anniversary of the Shipwreck of HMS Sirius March 2020 Norfolk Island & Convicts & Ships
176 Australian Joint Copying Project  – Treasury Board Papers 1792 –  1840 (PRO 1083-11060 Public Records Office Kew – National Library of Australia Christine purchased these with the intent of indexing relevant  convict contents for Convict Connections SIG. This did not occur.  Convicts, England, Australia, Ships including Hulks. 
177 Convicts At Moreton Bay 1824 -1859 Mamie O”Keeffe A Royal Historical Society of Qld book.  Australia & Convicts & Qld/ Moreton Bay
178 Convicts of Moreton Bay – Register 1824 – 1839 Compiled by Marllyn England  lists the convicts who were sent to Qld,  by name, plus name of ship, & original conviction where known.  Australia & Convicts & Qld/ Moreton Bay
179 Norfolk Island Births and Baptisms 1789 to 1791 Cathy Dunn Taken from original records of the first convict settlement  on Norfolk Island.  Includes other ireserch gathered about those included. Australia & Convicts & Norfolk Island
180 Births, Deaths and Marriages – Norfolk Island 1802 Cathy Dunn Includes – names and details of NSW corps, sodiers, Free, convicts. & children. Taken from historial records.  Australia & Convicts & Norfolk Island
181 Convict Lives – Female Convicts at the new Norfolk Asylum Edited by Dianne Snowden and Jane Harrington the lives of a number of convict women has been reconstructed by 22 authors. They explore why they were admitted to an asylum, and the treatment they were given.  Australia & Convicts & Tasmania / VDL
182 Our Origins – From Penal Camp to  Parliament [1788-1856] Published by the Council of the Library of NSW This is a good summary of the content. There are  photos, paintings &  maps included, which I suspect are held at the Mitchell and Dixson Galleries and the library of New South Wales.   Australia & Convicts
183 James McLelland’s Authentic Australian Convict & Pioneer History. Book number 2 Volume 1 James McLelland Lists-every convict ship, names of 1st, 2nd & 3rd fleet convicts. 1st fleet names of royal marines, 1792-1810 names of military NSW Corp. 1788-1910 10,000 names of Pioneers. Plus information. Australia & Convicts
184 James McLelland’s Recording The Past For The Future – Reference Books. “A Hisotry of the Napean River Valley.” Book Number 5 James McLelland Full of history -Names, land grants, floods, occupations, gravestone info & much more  Australia & New South Wales
185 James McLelland’s Recording The Past For The Future – Reference Books. Convict & Pioneer Records of Australia. Book number 11 Volume 5. *There is also an insert of 8 pages listing 104 book titles written by James McLelland. They all have an ISBN number recorded. James McLelland Listing of grave headstones & other convict & pioneer names in Alphabetical order. Includes some info about each person.  Australia, Convicts, and Pioneers 
186A & 186B Book of Trials Held at Moreton Bay 1835 – 1842                    * NOTE this item consists of 2 books – Part 1 & Part 2.   Original document found by Mr Walter S Trevethan in a lavatory at the G.P.O. Brisbane abt. 1910. Purchased from Mr T.W.Smith Sept. 1958 for 30 pounds.   Names of Prisoners and their ship of arrival if relevant, Constables, Officers, etc.Depositions, Charges, Evidence given and Sentences.   Queensland & convicts  
187 “Produce at Moreton Bay Settlement 1820 -1837” PLUS “Book of Manifests of Cargo and Passengers 1833 – 1837”  N/A Includes crops grown, farming, lists/ iteneries outlined by year and what was “on hand”.The included “Manifest of Cargo & Passengers” shows who and what was shipped from Moreton Bay to elsewhere in the colony.   Queensland & Australia & Convicts.