Please ensure that you use your user name or email address to log in. For members who joined prior to 2017, your user name is your first name and surname joined together without any capital letters eg johnsmith. If you joined GSQ as a new member in 2017 and after that, then it will be the user name and password you selected.

To help with resetting your password - please read the attached pdf document as it shows step by step. If you have Lost your Password

If you are unable to remember either your username/ email address previously used or password. Your Log In needs to be reset by the Membership Officer.


The Potential Security Risk Ahead message has now been fixed, so you should no longer receive this message when logging into MyGSQ.

But it is still important for you to keep all your own Web Browsers and Operating Systems up to date, as well as to clear the history and the cache on a regular basis.

Any further issues please contact

Thank you.




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