The Society's journal, Generation, is publish electronically quarterly and aims to provide material relevant to the family historian or genealogical researcher. The journal's primary focus is to publish original stories, not to reproduce material published elsewhere.

The journal is an A4 publication distributed both nationally and internationally.
It is issued free to members electronically.

As of 1st July 2021 - Generation Subscriptions

Destination Category Price inc GST
Australia Member $55
  Non Member $60
Overseas Member $120
  Non Member $130
Digital Non Member $40


You can subscribe online via the GSQ Shop. You can also subscribe to the newsletters of some of our interest groups.

Articles include:

  • Stories about individual ancestors or families
  • Research tips
  • How to use records
  • Local history
  • Book reviews
  • Recent library acquisitions
  • Interest group reports
  • Member research interests

Articles from members are welcome. We would like to hear your stories about your research - how to get around brick walls, skeletons you have found, or research shortcuts you have stumbled on. Or, you may just want to tell your ancestors' stores. See here for instruction on submitting an article.

GSQ will publish one article from each of the past four issues.

Members wishing to advertise their research interest in this journal may do so free of charge for 15 entries per year. Up to 10 additional entries may be submitted by members at a cost of $5.00. Non-members may also submit their research interest, at a fee of $20 for up to 15 names.

hose wishing to submit names may use the form in the centre insert of Generation or here. County and Country entries must use Chapman Codes.

Businesses wishing to advertise in Generation - please contact the editor for advertising rates.

Submitting an article

Member and non-members are encouraged to submit articles for publication in Generation. Over the years we have maintained a high standard of interesting and varied articles.

The editor is available to discuss initial ideas with any authors, and provide advice and guidance. Contributors should bear in mind that they are addressing a general audience.

Articles can be forwarded to the editor, either via email to Editor or on USB by mail or in person to the Society's postal address.
Authors should ensure that emails and attachments are scanned and virus-free. The editor will provide assistance to any contributors who may have difficulties in providing typewritten materials in the required format.

The editor and the Society make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the journal's contents. Any views expressed in the journal are the views of the authors, and the views of the Society, unless attributed as such.

Quarterly publication dates and deadlines for copy

Publication Date Deadline for Copy
September 1 Aug 2021
December 1 Nov 2021
March 2022 1 Feb 2022


How to present articles

Contributors are asked to follow these guidelines as much as possible. Contributors are encouraged to check everything carefully before submitting the article. Names will be printed 'as is' and spelling will not be checked.

  • Limit manuscripts to 1000 words or less (if you have an article that will exceed this, please discuss this with the editor)
  • Provide a short title (six to ten words), which is informative and reflects the article's content
  • Include the name of the author(s) and bibliographic references where necessary
  • Provide full bibliographic references for any material quoted from another publication or website
  • Write the article in English and only use foreign words and phrases where you give a translation or the word or phrase is well-known within genealogy or family history
  • Use the Macquarie dictionary to check spelling
  • Double space text, with bold headings and minimal capitalisation
  • Type your material in Word (2003, 2007 or later versions)
  • Number pages consecutively
  • Italicise the names of ships
  • Type surnames in sentence case, not full capitals or bold
  • Include years of birth and death after a person's name if the same name is used over several generations
  • Minimise the use of contractions or abbreviations unless these are well known within genealogy or family history



Photographs (colour, and black and white) and other artwork, are welcomed either to accompany a story, or for the cover

Contributors are requested to provide copies only, either scanned and attached to an email, or in hard copy. The subject of the photograph and the copyright reference where relevant, must be clearly stated. Images will be published in black and white. No copies will be returned.


Copyright over material publish in Generation lies with the Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc, except for materials where copyright already exists and is attributed. The Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc, reserves the right to re-publish materials, either in Generation or in other forms, where it holds copyright.

Advertising in Generation

Why not think about advertising your business in the Society's Journal Generation?
Advertising rates are available for a full or half page. We have rates for advertising per issue (quarterly) or a discounted rate for advertising in four continuous issues (yearly)

Advertisers are asked to contact GSQ as early as possible regarding placement of their advertisement to ensure that space is available. Advertisement copy is to be sent to GSQ by the cut-off date for the relevant edition. Preferred format is either a Word document, or jpg image.

Payments for advertisements are to be sent directly to GSQ. Advertisers may pay by cheque or by credit card online through our secure facility.

All queries can be directed to the Editor.

The Society does not vouch for the accuracy of offers of services or goods that appear in Generation, nor holed itself responsible for the outcome of any contract that may be made with any advertiser. The Society reserves the right not to publish or republish any advertisement which is in conflict with its aims.

Other Publications

GSQ offers a number of other publications for sale. See the GSQ Shop for full details on what is available.