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Where are we?

GSQ location mapThe Society's resource centre is situated at 38 Fisher Street, East Brisbane 4169.

Situated in a quiet residential area, the property is the only commercial building in that section of the street. 
It is a brick building and there are other tenants. Our area is on the ground floor, off the walkway
to the right  of the building.

We are close to the "Gabba Cricket Ground" and so parking rules apply when
cricket and football games take priority.

  Public Transport

The area is well serviced by City council buses, in particular, the following bus routes:

184, 185, 210, 212

Bus Stops:

From the city, bus stop number 12/15 at 552 Vulture Street, approaching Balmoral Terrace.

To the city, bus stop number 15, at 937 Stanley Street, approaching Kingfisher Lane.