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Genealogy Standards


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Accuracy is fundamental to genealogical research. Without it, a family’s history would be fiction. This manual presents the standards family historians use to obtain valid results.

Theses standards apply to all genealogical research, whether shared privately or published. They also apply to personal research and research for clients, courts, and other employers. The standards address documentation; research planning and execution; including reasoning from evidence; compiling research results; genealogical education; and ongoing development of genealogical knowledge and skills.

BGC offers these standards to the field as a guide to sound genealogical research and a way to assess the research outcomes that genealogists produce. They are standards for anyone who seeks to research and portray accurately people’s lives, relationships, and histories.

Introduction to the second edition
Introduction to the first edition
1. The Genealogical Proof Standard
2. Standards for Documenting
3. Standards for Researching
– Planning research
– Effective research questions
– Collecting Data
– Reasoning from Evidence
4. Standards for Writing
– Genealogical Proofs
– Assembled Research Results
– Special-Use Genealogical Products
5. Standards for Genealogical Educators
– Lecturers and Instructors
6. Standards for Continuing Education
– Knowledge and Skill Development
Appendix A. The Genealogist’s Code of Ethics
Appendix B. About the Board for Certification of Genealogists
Appendix C. Sources and Resources
Appendix D. Glossary
Evidence Analysis: A Research Process Map

Author: Board for Certification of Genealogists
Year: 2019 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9784684423521
Paperback, 120pages

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